For their morning skate. After, the players headed to their afternoon hotel to eat and nap. Since this hotel was close to the Honda Center, they were able to board the bus for the game at a normal time keeping their superstitions and game day routines intact.

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Although there isn’t much to celebrate in Edmonton this campaign, it isn’t all doom and gloom. The club happens to be quite pleased with the development of defenseman Darnell Nurse and forward Jesse Puljujarvi. Nurse leads the Oilers’ blue line in plus minus (plus 10) and PIM (40), and sits second in points (14) and shots (100).

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It is mandatory under the Condominium Act of Ontario that your corporation conduct updated reserve fund studies. These updates with and without on site inspections must be alternated at three year intervals. Those corporations that avoid fund studies could face serious consequences if reserve fund accounts are not adequate because proper studies were not performed..

Ah, the days of yesteryear. As I peer out my front window and watch the neighborhood come to life, I observe some of my neighbors preparing to mow their lawns. It takes me back to a memory I have of Myrtle Beach AFB in the late 1980’s. Last weekend, on the most sweltering Saturday in recorded human history (unconfirmed), my family officially moved into the first home we ever owned. You think that would be a celebratory occasion, and it was for a few hours there. It turns out, though, that owning instead of renting just means there are an entirely new set of worries.

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